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Arabic Majlis – A Complete Guide

The Arabic Majlis Doha is a one-of-a-kind room that is representative of Arabic culture. It’s the traditional place where Arabs welcome their guests into the home, and because of this, the Majlis is often designed with long visits and extended conversations in mind.

The Majlis demonstrates how Arabic culture has influenced architecture in the area. A traditional Arabic Majlis Doha is a reception area, living room, and event hall all rolled into one. It needs to be able to serve all of these purposes to show Arabic hospitality and ancient traditions.

The Majlis is an important part of Arabic interior design, and it can be designed in many different styles – contemporary, classic, traditional, or even a mix of styles. Of course, the color and design are important, but the most crucial element in Majlis design is the ambiance.

In ancient times, the Majlis was designed simply with some comfortable cushions for floor seating. Yet, it still exuded a welcoming atmosphere.

Here are some tips that helps you design the perfect Arabic Majlis in Doha:


  • Make sure there’s enough seating for everyone using the Majlis.
  • Choose comfortable and inviting materials for the cushions and furniture.
  • Pay attention to the lighting – it should be soft and relaxing.
  • Use decoration sparingly – too much clutter makes the space cramped.
  • Most notably, focus on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Types of Arabic Majlis:

There are two types of Arabic majlis, each with its unique style and purpose:


Traditional Arabic Majlis Doha:

The traditional Arabic Majlis Doha is where family and friends socialize, enjoy traditional tea, and converse. It symbolizes Arab culture and hospitality, where guests are welcomed and treated with the utmost respect. 

The Arabic Majlis Doha is traditionally furnished with Arabic-style cushions and carpets, and the walls are adorned with intricate calligraphy and artwork. The seating is arranged in a circle, emphasizing equality and inclusivity in conversation. 


Modern Arabic Majlis Doha:

The modern Arabic Majlis Doha takes inspiration from contemporary designs and incorporates modern elements to provide a unique and luxurious experience. The seating is often more comfortable, with plush sofas and chairs, and the lighting is strategically placed to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. 

The modern Arabic Majlis Doha also features state-of-the-art technology, such as sound systems and projectors. This makes it an ideal venue for business meetings and presentations. 


Which one Should you Choose?

Do you need help deciding between traditional and modern Arabic Majlis in Doha? Each has its distinct allure. The traditional Arabic Majlis Doha provides a window into the cultural legacy of the Arab world. 

In contrast, the modern Arabic Majlis Doha combines traditional and contemporary elements to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Select the one that suits your preferences and immerse yourself in an authentic experience that will leave a lasting impression.


Spacious yet cozy, a delicate balance.

The Arabs use the largest room in their homes for the Majlis, as it is used as an event hall. The room can be large, but people should feel welcome and be able to talk and connect. 

This is the primary purpose of the room.

Seating must be designed with coziness in mind to encourage people to stay and chat. Large empty spaces between the sofas should be avoided so people can talk to each other without shouting or straining their necks.


Elegance is a must

The Arabic Majlis Doha is a place where you welcome your guests. Thus, according to Arabic rules of generosity and hospitality, it should be the most elegant room in the house.

The room should reflect hospitality. There should be luxurious sofas inviting people to sit comfortably for long periods, an abundance of small tables for drinks and dates, and lush carpets that make guests comfortable enough to take their shoes off.


A place to connect

It is generally frowned upon to place a TV in your Majlis. This is because the Majlis is seen as a space to connect with people rather than to sit and stare at a screen. 

However, if there is ever a necessity to use a TV in the room (for example, to watch an important event), it is best to use a portable one that can be rolled in and out of the room. 

This way, it is clear that the screen is not the room’s focus and only there for a temporary purpose.


Decorate for atmosphere

The people are the main part of the Majlis, not the furniture or the décor. So keep it in mind when planning the room’s design.

Because it should be a versatile room, stick with neutral colors. You can make for what the space lacks in color with natural materials and rich fabrics; think about elegance.

If you want to add some color, you can always add indoor plants; plants help add some life and color to any room.

And keep the atmosphere bright and comfortable; you want people to be able to see one another, even when they are sitting far away.

Also, remember that you are designing an Arabic Majlis in Doha, so adding an Arabic pattern to the walls or the furniture is an excellent idea that adds some consistency to the décor.


Welcoming from the start

The Majlis is a large room that is either distinct from the house or in the place but with its entrance. This can be due to Arabic traditions which value the privacy of the home. 

Since the Majlis often has a separate entrance, you must design a welcoming entryway, starting with a large door, sometimes even more significant than the house door.

Another important consideration for your entryway is a chic cupboard if you follow the Arabic tradition of keeping shoes out of the house. This will keep your elegant décor from being ruined by shoes lying around. Instead, use a sleek cupboard where people can leave their shoes out of the way.


Why Choose Us? 

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