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Our Complete Guide to Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens Cabinets is essential to any kitchen. They provide dishes, storage space for utensils, tiny appliances, and much more. With the appropriate designs and finishes, cabinets can provide a personal touch to an otherwise unadorned space. Available in semi-custom, standard and custom categories, cabinets determine the appearance and style of the kitchen. However, getting the cabinets you’ve always wanted may require time and effort. Installation and materials are only two determining factors of what you can use to create your ideal kitchen. Look at our guide to kitchen cabinet styles to choose the right cabinet for your kitchen space.

Common Types of Cabinets

Three primary kitchen cabinet types are described below.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

They are sturdy and last for years. They’re a pleasure to look at because they can be built in odd shapes, which allows you to make the most of every kitchen corner as well as nooks and crannies. They can provide endless storage possibilities and can be designed to look expensive. However, you’ll get the best price if you can receive precisely the look you want from the custom cabinet maker. Customized materials differ based on quality and availability. However, custom cabinets are the highest price for labor.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets can request features that are custom-designed or alter specific dimensions. These cabinets are cheaper than custom cabinets. However, the type of modification may need to be more flexible. This is an excellent option for cabinet refacing in which only the doors get a facelift; however, the cabinet and shelving are left as is.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets that are stock are universally fitting. They are the least expensive cabinet style but could be more robust. Most commonly made of Particle board, standard cabinets will degrade as time passes. The materials are cheap, costing about a couple hundred dollars per unit. However, they might require replacement earlier than more expensive alternatives. Nevertheless, they are an excellent choice for homes that plan to stay for a short time or in regions where humidity and leaks can cause rot, even the finest cabinets.

Common Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Styles

There are four primary kitchen cabinetry types: wall, base, upper, and special cabinets designed to fit unusual areas. In addition, there are four most popular designs of cabinets:

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

A cabinet of this type has simple lines and recessed panels, making them easy to maintain and personalize. The timeless design of cabinets is popular for kitchen remodeling. Shaker cabinets come in a variety of colors and materials and can be paired with nearly every style of design.

Slab Kitchen Cabinets

This kind of cabinet can also be called flat-front or cabinetry with panel fronts. This basic style is comprised of doors made of single boards that do not have frames, panels, or ornaments. Slab cabinets are great for minimalist design. However, a distinctive handle color or paint shade can make them look more stylish.

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets

Beadboard cabinet doors feature horizontal panels with uniform beads and recess lines. They’re a great option to bring a traditional farmhouse, cottage, or traditional look to the kitchen. There may be better options than the attractive vertical slats on the cabinet’s fronts for a minimalist house. However, the modern design is an excellent addition to all kitchen designs. Beadboard cabinets give a unique look and come in a range of sizes.

Raised-Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional cabinets feature centers that are raised. The 3-dimensional structure of the cabinet door is compatible with any interior style. Raised panel cabinets perfectly fit any kitchen style and are easy to clean.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Price

Costs for cabinet installation are calculated in linear feet. But, the cost will differ depending on the size of the cabinet material, the materials used, and the style. Other factors that impact the cost of cabinets are the cost of labor, hardware removal, and replacements, the number of cabinets, and trim and molding. Home Guide says the average price to build kitchen cabinets is between $160 and $380 for linear feet of semi-custom or stock styles. This can be increased by $1,000 per linear foot for custom-designed cabinets. The labor costs of installing cabinets range from $80 to $190 for each cabinet.

Cabinet Materials

Common cabinet materials are wood, multi-density fibreboard, wood veneer, particleboard, and stainless steel. The doors of standard cabinet doors along with drawer openings are usually comprised of aluminum frames, vinyl films, or even hardwood. Laminate and Thermofoil are also attractive as affordable options.

Every cabinet material comes with distinct installation procedures and timeframe. Today, many popular materials can be difficult to locate, delaying the time required to finish the job. When purchasing cabinets, determine the space that needs to be covered. If you’re in the direction of caution, order extra boxes that could later be reduced to the desired size.

What to Consider Before Buying Kitchen Cabinets

A new cabinet can be an investment; however, installing cabinets is generally not a DIY undertaking. Between the proper size mounting, sizing, and equipment, there are plenty of ways cabinets can be destroyed due to small flaws. If you need more clarification, you should seek out the assistance of a knowledgeable professional. To save money, you can replace and refinish the cabinet doors, not the entire cabinet. In most cases, a fresh stain or paint on the cabinets can make the kitchen look new.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Choosing the type of material for the cabinets–plywood, MDF, or particleboard–influences the cost and long-term performance of the cabinets.

  • Plywood: The finest high-end kitchen cabinetry is constructed of high-quality multi-layer plywood. Plywood cabinets are durable, easy to assemble, and significantly lighter than MDF and particleboard cabinets.

  • MDF cabinets: Medium-density fiberboard cabinets use the fibrous byproducts from milling wood, which is why they’re generally considered environmentally friendly. MDF cabinets are generally covered in a laminate because MDF isn’t a good painter.

  • Particle board: The cheapest grade of material used for kitchen cabinet boxes, the particle board breaks easily and will expand and contract in response to environmental changes. But they are affordable, which makes them a perfect choice for temporary rentals, cabins, or residences.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Layouts and Configurations

Kitchen cabinets installed in the kitchen can blend so seamlessly that it’s hard to realize that they’re comprised of just three types, including wall, base, and tall cabinet. Specialty cabinets are excellent choices where space and budget are fine.

Base Cabinets

The majority of kitchens come with base cabinets. With a height of 36 inches, base cabinets sit on the floor and offer space below and work surfaces above. The majority of base cabinets are 24 inches in depth.

Base cabinets are available in a variety of designs that can be used for different purposes. For instance, a sink base cabinet is wide enough to hold a double basin sink over it. Corner base cabinets should be L-shaped, meaning they can fit in at the back of your kitchen.

Wall Cabinets

A majority of kitchens feature wall cabinets. With a range of between 12 and 17 inches deep, the cabinets on the wall are connected to wall studs and are raised about 18 inches above the countertop. Cabinets on the wall hold glasses, plates, and other frequently consumed food items.

Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets are slim and tall, reaching up toward the ceiling or to the ceiling. The tall cabinets are sometimes called pantry cabinets since they store small kitchen appliances and large food items, such as rice or flour.

Specialty Cabinets

Specialty kitchen cabinets are a collection of cabinets that don’t qualify as wall, base, or high cabinets. The most famous specialty cabinets are wine racks, hutches, appliance bays, sliders, and pull-outs.

Framed against. Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing between frameless or framed kitchen cabinets is an important decision regarding design and performance. Framed cabinets are more sturdy and offer an older-style look, and frameless cabinets offer greater accessibility and appear more contemporary.

Framed Cabinets

Framed kitchen cabinets feature and-1/2-inch wide frames placed on top of cabinet boxes surrounding the cabinet’s doors and drawer fronts. Framed cabinets are more durable than frames without because of the stabilizing effects on the frame.

But framed cabinets are more difficult to access due to the frame being smaller in the dimension of the cabinet opening. Framed cabinets offer more of an elegant look as opposed to frameless cabinets.

Frameless Cabinets

Frameless or modern or Euro-style cabinets do not have cabinet box face frames. The drawers and doors perfectly match the cabinets and are sleeker in design than the frames. Cabinets without frames can be easier to access, so they have another term for them: Cabinets with full access.

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