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Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide


Our bedroom furniture buying guide will guide you through the selection of bedroom furniture you require to make a room with the perfect design, comfort, and storage mix. But first, look at what you must do before buying and how to pick the ideal bedroom furniture.

Custom Bedroom Furniture


We do not believe in the “one size fits all” approach to something as crucial as the furniture you buy to furnish your home. This is why most of our furniture, including our bedroom furniture, can be customized to meet your specific requirements. You’re at the right location if you’re searching for an individualized bed or chest of drawers, vanity or armoire, or a full custom bedroom set! Bedroom furniture we customize is constructed using PA-grown hardwoods, including maple, cherry, and oak, that maintain their beauty and durability over the years. The bedroom furniture we offer is made with the help of our own local Amish master craftsmen who truly take pride in the product they create. Amish-made furniture has earned a deserved reputation for quality and unbeatable durability.

What style of bedroom furniture should I choose?

Consider examining the other rooms in your home to identify a suitable decorating style for your bedroom. Consistency in style can produce a harmonious and uniform look throughout your house, or you may prefer to incorporate different styles. It is essential to determine the predominant style of your existing furniture, including whether it is traditional, modern, contemporary, eclectic, country, or casual. If you are unable to identify your style preference, consider observing your favorite items, such as a painting, vase, or clothing, as they may provide insight into your decorating style.

When selecting bedroom furniture, you should integrate soothing components such as color, patterns, or lighting into your design to establish a peaceful and tranquil ambiance. Your personal preferences will ultimately dictate your selection, and some individuals opt for contemporary furniture in their living and dining rooms while choosing a more traditional approach for their bedroom. Both options are valid, as the choice depends entirely on your style and preferences.

Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide Checklist

Before you begin looking for furniture for your bedroom, Knowing three essential things can help accelerate the buying process:

1. Your Budget Amount


Be aware of the items you must do before you start shopping. Discovering an item you like could be more enjoyable than finding it beyond your reach.

2. The Furniture Style You Like


Bedroom furniture can be found in a range of designs. From modern to traditional to contemporary bedroom furniture that blends both knowing what you like before purchasing will reduce the amount of time spent choosing furniture and accessories.

3. The Measurements of Your Space


It’s a must. Measure the dimensions of the room in the bedroom that will be furnished. Understanding how much space you’ll be working with will allow you to determine which furniture pieces can fit and fit within the space.

After completing the checklist and having a clear idea of the budget you’ll allow, the look you’d like to have, and how much space you’ll have to manage, you’re prepared to begin shopping for furniture for your bedroom.

How to Shop for Bedroom Furniture


1. Choose a Bed


The essential piece of furniture for bedrooms will be the bed. This is the first piece you must purchase to furnish your bedroom.

Beds come in almost every style you can imagine today, from classic colonial beds with Windsor features to modern mid-century, minimalist beds to the tee. Keep the style you want to create in your mind; additional aspects to consider when choosing the perfect bed include size and type.

Bed Size


Sizes of beds vary between twin and California King (the most spacious). In determining the best size bed to fit your space, it is important to think about the size of your space and how many people will need to accommodate.

When measuring the room size for the bed, make sure to add at least 30 inches around the foot and sides of the bed so that it’s easily moved around. Also, consider whether you’ll require bedroom storage, such as an armoire, dresser, or bedroom chest when deciding the bed size. If you’re thinking of adding the bedroom bench or chest to be placed at the bottom of the bed, leave enough room for it

Supposes space is limited, and you’re in dire need of storage. In that case, you should consider a bed (keep checking out details on the advantages and disadvantages of these beds) or whether the bed you want can be made to order with storage drawers underneath the bed.

Bed Type


The type of bed you pick will define the look of your guest bedroom or master suite.

Sleigh Beds


Sleigh beds make great centerpieces for bedrooms. With their curving headboards and feet boards, the styles of sleigh beds can be anything from simple to luxurious.

Sleigh Bed Pros & Cons


  •   Elegant appearance  


  •    Available in a variety of styles
  •    Comfortable and sturdy
  •    Establish an area of focus.  


  •   Some require plenty of space
  •    It can be very heavy and difficult to move.
  •    Limited under-bed storage
  •    A higher footboard can restrict legroom  

Post Beds


Beds made of the post have been in use for centuries, comprising four posts. Posts are sometimes used to support shut draperies to keep the room warm.

Pros & Cons of Post Beds


  •   Elegant appearance  


  •    You can also add a canopy to them.
  •    If you choose to use a canopy, you will keep out light  


  •   There is more to clean and maintain If you have a canopy  

Panel Beds


Panel beds have an upholstered headboard, footboard, as well as side rails. They usually have a slatted framework to support a mattress and foundations for mattresses, such as the box spring. Panel beds can also have oversized headboards that are made of solid panels. They typically come in more traditional styles however, they can be adapted to a range of designs.

Pros and Cons of Platform Beds


  •   Available in a myriad of styles
  •    Box springs increase the height, making it easier for some into and out of
  •    Provide excellent support using boxes, slats, and mattress  


  •   Box springs add to the cost.
  •    More traditional in style, not suitable for modern rooms  

Storage Beds


The beds are famous for their space-saving and convenience; storage beds can provide extra storage space in the frame of the bed. Storage beds can have storage drawers underneath the sides or within the floor, shelves for books, or small drawers on the headboard. You can also find plenty of space within the headboard with drawers, cabinets, and shelves inside the case of wall units.

Pros and Cons of Storage Beds


  •   Great for adding storage  
  •    It does not require a box spring  


  •   Tend to be bigger and require more space  
  •    More difficult to move  



Multi-functional daybeds serve as seating during the day and can be used as a bed at night. They are ideal for small rooms that require furniture that is multi-functional.

Pros and Cons of Daybeds


  •   Multi-functional
  •    Ideal for smaller areas.
  •    Useful in living rooms.  


  •   Do not appear visually appealing in the room
  •    A back-less style does not require an area with pillows to support your back.  

Headboard Only


Consider a headboard that is only for headboards. An only purchased headboard will allow you to add some of your styles while making the bed easier to assemble when you wake up. They also serve as an attractive focal point, allowing tall people to extend their feet and easy access to your bed by the sides or feet.


2. Choose Bedroom Storage


Popular choices to finish a bedroom and provide storage are a nightstand, dresser, or chests of drawers. Picking the best storage option for your bedroom will boil down to how you intend to keep in storage, how much space you can work with, and your taste.



Nightstands are available in various designs and shapes, with a variety of storage options. Some come with doors, drawers, and open shelving of them. Although a set of nightstands on the opposite side of the beds is common and assists in balancing a space, you can choose a single bedside table or nightstand per the available space.

Nightstands can be helpful as storage devices and as a place for an evening lamp, clock, mobile phone, tablet, or book. In addition, some nightstands can have secret compartments to store valuables.

The height of your nightstands must be roughly the same as the height of the mattress’s top to ensure the illusion of balance and make reaching any item on top easier.

Dressers and Chests


Chests and dressers are ideal for storing folded clothes, accessories, and other linens, but they have distinct features.

Dressers are small long, wide, and deep. They have multiple drawers, columns, and wider tops that let you attach to a mirror. Chests are typically wide and tall. The height of their chests could be better for attaching a mirror.

Dressers have wider drawers to provide extra storage. They are also more flexible than chests, as you can dress up and put makeup and other accessories in front of them. However, chests are recommended in smaller rooms as they require less space.

Bedroom chests and dressers come in a range of styles that will suit everyone’s preferences.



Armoires feature double doors. In the back, one can see a rod for clothing, drawers, and shelves for storing things such as blankets and clothing. There is also a shelf to accommodate TVs that is only accessible if the doors are open.

Lingerie Chests


Lingerie chests are a great way to store delicate items and accessories. They come with a small set of drawers that aren’t a huge amount of space. They’re beautiful storage pieces and are available in various designs.

Bedroom Mirrors


Many dressers have mirrored mirrors, which makes an attractive feature and a spot to look at your hair, makeup, jewelry, etc. If space is available for the mirror to be full length, it can be a gorgeous accessory to master bedrooms and guest rooms. In addition, mirror reflections can assist in making the space appear larger.

Bedroom Benches


Adding an extra bedroom bench has numerous benefits if you have the space. If placed in the area at the foot of the bed, the benches are a great addition to the design of the space, as well as offering a comfortable spot to relax. Many benches have storage options to help keep things such as extra blankets in order. When placed under your bedroom window, the bedroom bench allows you to unwind while taking in the design of the room and the views.

Storage Chests


Storage chests are usually placed on the floor near the bed but can be hung in the closet or used as a table in a sitting room. They are a great place to store blankets, linens, and other souvenirs. Hope chests made of cedar can protect valuable items due to cedar’s nature-based ability to repel insects.

Bedroom Sets


If you want all of your furniture for your bedroom to be matched, sets for bedroom furniture are the ideal choice. Choosing a set with the style you like is easier than trying to put it all together. Bedroom sets complement the space well and can save you time while shopping for furniture for your bedroom.


We’ll Help You Design Your Custom Bedroom Furniture


Do you need help with how you can design an individual bedroom set? We can help! We’ll collaborate closely with you throughout this entire procedure. We’ll guide you through choosing the suitable wood and the best color, stain, or paint combination to match your bedroom’s decor. We also have a range of natural woods that you can use as a part of the furniture for distinct aesthetic and color effects. We aim to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the design options you want.

Final Thoughts


If you’re choosing bedroom furniture, Consider what material the furniture is constructed of. Solid wood will last best and last longest if you have the funds. Beware particleboard and furniture constructed with micro-density fiberboard, which will most likely degrade throughout. It would be best to look for indicators of a good build, for example, solid frame dovetailed joints and drawers that can easily open and close. Finally, find furniture that fits your style and helps keep your home well-organized.

This guide to buying furniture for your bedroom will guide you toward furniture that perfectly matches your style, budget, and requirements. So enjoy shopping for bedroom furniture!

What do we provide?

You can always get all the qualities you desire in made-to-measure furniture, which is better than ready-to-make furniture. If you would like, our experts can come to your home and take the exact measurements so that we can provide you with the furniture that best suits your room. Furthermore, you can choose the color yourself with Custom Design Furniture.

By doing so, you can create a theme for your room. In custom-made furniture, you are able to express your style of living, whether you prefer modern furniture or traditional furniture, such as old royal style furniture. Our store offers outstanding Furniture that you can purchase easily.

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