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Transform Your Doha Balcony with Custom Balcony Furniture

Do you dream of creating a personal oasis on your Doha balcony? Look beyond generic furniture and embrace the possibilities of custom-made pieces! Crafted to your exact specifications, custom balcony furniture maximizes your space, reflects your style, and creates an inviting outdoor haven

Knowing how to decorate your balcony is challenging, mainly if you need to be armed with a lot of experience in the general principles of design. However, the fundamentals are pretty simple and can be used for any decorating project you may have in the future, outdoors and inside.

To help you get started for your balcony, here’s our guide. We’ll explore the design of your balcony, decoration elements, and the best way to make a harmonious design using interior design concepts.

Setting Goals for Balcony Decorating

If you’re considering giving your balcony a complete revamp or simply a refresh or want an idea of where to start, it’s essential to establish your goals in the beginning. They include:

  •   Timeline  
  •    Budget  
  •    Style  
  •    Restrictions  

The same applies to any design or decorating task. Although you might have yet to develop a solid concept of the style you would like, figuring out this early can help you with other aspects you need to consider, like setting a budget and timeframe. Project timelines may not be as crucial when you’re working on everything on your own; however, it is easy to get it done before winter or the summer season begins.

We’ll discuss more on fashion below, but there’s little to discuss about budget. It’s good to research the materials and accessories before establishing the price for your patio decor project. After establishing this, ensure you have an additional 10% for emergency situations.

Creating an area that can be used for multiple purposes is possible. However, it would be best to pack only a little stuff into it. It will be determined by the layout and size of your balcony in the main. You should limit your balcony to two uses at a time because it may be crowded.

Take note of whether your balcony may be covered and how this affects the furnishings and décor you choose to use.

Selecting Balcony Furniture

If it’s a balcony in your house, a restaurant’s balcony, or a Hotel balcony, it will appear empty if you don’t place some balcony furniture. Selecting a suitable set of outdoor balcony tables and chairs is vital and will make balconies appealing and practical. They can be used for recreation and entertainment. So, when choosing outdoor balcony tables and chairs furniture items, you should consider the following points.

1. Select a quality material

The balcony is one of the places often subject to the elements of rain and wind; therefore, when choosing a balcony table, chairs, and furniture, it’s important to choose a robust and durable material. Furniture upholstery recommends that you select a suitable balcony table and furniture for chairs depending on the climate of your balcony. For instance, in humid balconies, you should choose rattan-woven chairs and tables, which are less prone to rust and don’t develop mold; for balconies that have been exposed to direct sunlight for an extended duration, it’s recommended to select aluminum balcony tables, chairs and furniture that are more sun-resistant and water-resistant.

2. Design the space carefully

“You should choose balcony tables, chairs, furniture products, and furniture that are coordinated in size based on the actual size of the balcony. Therefore, whether it’s a large open garden or a small balcony, you should try to leave a little more space for walking, and balcony tables and chairs should also be determined based on the actual situation to meet your needs. A small space can accommodate three balcony tables and chairs. “.

3. Select a brand

There are various types of chairs and tables for balconies on the market, but certain brands are furniture manufacturers for indoor use. Their manufacturing standards, specifications, materials, and other requirements differ from outdoor furniture makers. Balcony furniture is an outdoor furniture category, and when people decide to purchase the item, it is best to select known outdoor furniture brands. Furniture Upholstery is a professional manufacturer of balcony and outdoor furniture. It specializes in the design and manufacture of a variety of outdoor furniture and table products. Furniture upholstery is a reliable brand for outdoor tables and chairs.

4. Shop all around

If you want to purchase furniture and tables for your balcony, it is crucial to look around for cost and quality. For instance, the current cast aluminum chairs and tables available are usually identical in design. Although specific models of tables and chairs are available in malls, the most important glazing procedure for furniture made from cast aluminum needs to be put in place, which results in the easy peeling of paint off the surfaces of chairs and tables. Thus, it is essential to consider multiple factors such as cost, quality, after-sales service, etc.


Custom Balcony Furniture Guide

The Basics of Balcony Decorating

Before we get into the fundamentals of design for balconies, It’s important to note that you can think of it as a blend of the interior design process and an overhaul of your garden. They have a lot in common. However, they are distinct. Below, we’ve listed the most important aspects to consider.

Most of the time, they are arranged in order from the broadest to the more specific. This means that you’ll be capable of working your way through the list by using your ideas from the preceding section to refine your thoughts.


The best first step is to think about the purpose of your balcony. There are a few options to consider:

  •   Dining area  
  •    Mini outdoor cinema  
  •    Outdoor bar/entertainment area  
  •    Catio  
  •    Reading nook  
  •    Dog-friendly area  
  •    Garden 
  •    Chill-out zone  

Creating an area that can be used for multiple purposes is possible. However, it would be best to pack only a little stuff into it. It will be determined by the layout and size of your balcony in the main. You should limit your balcony to two uses at a time because it may be crowded.

Take note of whether your balcony may be covered and how this affects the furnishings and décor you choose to use.


Then comes the design. In case you’re not a designer or have any knowledge about interior design, choose an aesthetic that is easy to follow with clear guidelines. You can take a different approach if you’re confident in the basics!

A few examples of styles in interior design that can be used on the balcony are:

  •   Scandi – modern look, neutral colors  
  •   Boho – multi-textured patterns, textures, and prints of a vibrant style  
  •   Modern – monochrome, minimalist decor  
  •   Tropical – bright colors, many plants, and materials  
  •   Nautical – greens and blues stripes, seagrass and Jute textures  
  •   Middle Eastern and Moroccan – bright colors, soft textures, plenty of gold or brass  
  •   Zen – Contemporary design, clean lines, minimalist style  
  •   Industrial Metal decor  

Whatever design you pick, There are many aspects to consider.


We could write an entire article on color theory, but the fundamentals are:

  •   Light or bright colors create a more prominent appearance in spaces.  
  •   Dark colors make spaces appear smaller.  
  •   Neutral colors are great for walls, while bold colors are ideal for interiors.  
  •   Contrasting and complementary colors are two distinct things; it is best to apply both colors in the same room with care.  

The style of your balcony could determine the color scheme you choose. If this is the case, creating a mood board is easy.


Balance is an essential design concept and is only relevant when discussing a balcony’s design. Most importantly, it would help if you had an element in your area that catches the eye.

It could be a railing, a piece of furniture, a wall feature, or even a feature piece of furniture. Think about what you would like to see for your deck (and exactly where), and choose what you think would be the most effective focal point.

Pattern and Texture

The appearance and texture of a pattern are the most important elements in decorating. They’re the most efficient method of adding interest to an area, as well as the ability to create contrast and variety.

It’s likely to be determined by the design of the balcony you select, but our top recommendations are:

  •   First, think about size and scale. An enormous rug with a pattern can do wonders.  
  •   Patterns don’t have to be identical. They can be different but should include a component that connects them.  
  •   Be wary of patterns with many colors, as too many could create a chaotic look, mainly if the space is small.  

Why Choose Us?

You can always get all the qualities you desire in made-to-measure furniture, which is better than ready-to-make furniture. If you would like, our experts can come to your home and take the exact measurements so that we can provide you with the furniture that best suits your room. Furthermore, you can choose the color yourself with Custom Design Furniture.

By doing so, you can create a theme for your room. In custom-made furniture, you are able to express your style of living, whether you prefer modern furniture or traditional furniture, such as old royal style furniture. Our store offers outstanding Furniture that you can purchase easily.

How do I protect my balcony furniture in Doha?


Doha’s climate with sunshine and occasional rain can be tough on balcony furniture. Here are some ways to protect your furniture:

  • Choose the right material: Opt for furniture made from weather-resistant materials like aluminum which can handle sun and rain. Rattan furniture is another good option for Doha’s humidity as it resists mold and rust.

  • Use protective covers: When not in use, cover your furniture with waterproof and UV-resistant covers. These will shield your furniture from harsh sunlight and sudden downpours.

  • Store furniture during bad weather: If you know a sandstorm or heavy rain is coming, bring your furniture indoors or store it in a covered area on the balcony for extra protection.

  • Clean and maintain regularly: Clean your furniture regularly to remove dust, dirt, and bird droppings. This will help prevent rust and mildew growth, especially for furniture made of metal or fabric.




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