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Fabric Sofa upholstery Doha helps you in your sofa upholstered to look and feel like new . That’s why our upholstery services are more than skin deep.
Upholstery is the skilled work carried out by a specialist of providing furniture with fabric/leather covers, padding or webbing springs. Upholstery usually involves the fine art of stripping down the old fabrics from your sofa, chair or pouf and rebuilding it with a new fabric.
Upholstery has been practiced as far back as the 16th century, rising in popularity until the 19th century. Originally wool and horsehair was used but now more modern practices such as using springs and foam have provided a more durable and comfortable solution. Sofa is the heart of any reputable nest, discreet design, delicious comfort and Coziness without end.
The Sofa upholstery in Doha specializes in the design and manufacture of luxury, high quality upholstered furniture in a variety of styles and finishes.
You’ll want your ‘new’ and ‘stylish’ sofa to look perfect in your home, so we have an huge range of fabrics for you to choose from. We will personally visit your house to understand your all types of fabric requirements and take detailed photographs of your space. Our qualified and experienced designers will help you select the most suitable fabric for your sofa to complement your existing décor. All part of our exclusive services, Upholstering your sofa is environmentally friendly and of good value. Older sofas are so far superior than cheap Chinese imports that dominate the Qatar market.
We provide professional sofa Reupholster in Qatar and that will keep your sofa or furniture standing in your home for years to come. We can easily strip your sofa right down to its frame and recover all the way up with a material or fabric of your choosing. Fabric Sofa upholstery will keep your furniture looking brand new and stylish and allow you to keep pieces of furniture that you have grown fond of and share memories with.
Our professional team welcomes all manners or enquiries and love to be challenged when creating pieces for unusual items.
We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service, ensuring that every piece we create is to your exact specifications and all requirements. Our customer service is second to none and it means that we regularly receive repeat clients and word of mouth recommendations.

We feel pride in the quality of our services as we do in the finished product itself. The dreams and aspirations of our dear customers are very important to us. We are not only fabricators of beautiful sofas; we are fully involved from the start of every project and often find ourselves lending our advice and expertise when it comes to the design itself. We work with a team of highly skilled and experienced upholsterers who have a passion for their job and are always looking for a challenge to constantly create something beautiful and amazing.


A lot of the time, when buying a new sofa or chair for your place, it won’t match your current suite meaning you’ll be left with a piece out of place or a hefty bill for a new suite. Getting your Sofa upholstered can easily save you from that large bill and keep your sofa matching your style and taste while giving it a new lease of life.

You might be looking at your sofa set and thinking of all the memories it holds or that it fits in beautifully with your home and lifestyle. To make sure you keep hold of those cherished memories or to save you trying to find another sofa set to fit in, get your sofa upholstered so it lives on for years to come. You might not be able to find another sofa as comfortable as the one you already have in your home.

Fabric Sofa upholsters in Doha offers hundreds of different covers that we can provide you, or if you already have a fabric or leather you like then we can easily use that to carry out and sofa upholstery to keep it in-line with your current styling, or give it that fresh and new look you want to try.

A lot of old sofas and chairs have been built with high and best quality frames designed to last for decades and far outlive the fabric or leather covering them. If you are still able to use your sofa after 10 years then you know that your sofa is good quality and upholstering can keep you using it for many more years to come!

We will

  • Remove the existing fabric
  • Repair and Inspect sofa frames as required
  • All new paddings must comply with current fire safety regulations
  • Supply new cushions to enhance your comfort
  • Make design changes to modernize your sofa style
  • Ensure nothing is a problem
  • Sofa upgrading
  • Widening or shortening, so your sofa better fits your room
  • Making your sofa set firmer or softer so it’s more comfortable
  • Enhancing comfort by altering seat height, depth, and cushion density
  • Removing skirts to modernize the style
  • Removing skirts to modernize the style.


Upholstery prices vary from sofa to sofa according to their size, what fabric design or leather you want and how many seats your sofa has. Although upholstery can be more expensive than buying a brand-new budget sofa, there is no guarantee that a piece of new furniture you buy will have the same level of quality as your current sofa.

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Fabric Sofa Upholstery
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Fabric Sofa Upholstery
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